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this is the closest to Dub Step i will  ever get.



In BOSTON no less!

credit to reddit.

I can’t resist.  No synths were brutally murdered during the conception of this filthy song…


i think…


In Line with the David Frank interview i posted last week.  Here’s Steve Roach’s setup from 1987…

OBERHEIM SYSTEM!!!! ( LOL 2 Xpanders!!!! )

and an E-Max…

and an SQ80…

Steve Roach Setup


borrowed from this flicker stream…


I Stumbled upon this posted on gearsluts.  Its a great interview with David Frank from 1986!

Synths of interest:

Yamaha TX-416

Yamaha DX-1

Moog Minimoog

Emu Emulator

Oberheim Matrix-12



01 david frank keymag1-2002 02 david frank keymag pg 46 03 david frank keymag- pg 47 04 david frank keymag- pg 50 05 david frank keymag- pg 140


PS: I love the discography at the end.  Attitude  is in constant rotation as well as howard johnson

::: IF :::

I borrowed this from reddit.  This is one dedicated keyboardist.  Seen jamming out in a 7/11 parking lot at 3am.

Gotta work on those chops!  And how can you be expected to practice without a giant Arizona iced tea>?


Parking lot Synth jam


::: IF ::