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I swear i saw one in a dream.  The Elusive OB-Xpander.  Not the Oberheim Xpander.  A ghost of the Polyphonic Past…


OB Xpander Vintage Synth book


I got this pic from the Vintage Synthesizer book.

::: IF :::

Well, another day another beat…

We’ve been joking about how awesome Morris Day is lately so i made one of that ilk for fun!



This one is the standard studio rig:

Bass: Arp 2600

Piano / Horns: Mirage ( DPX ) Sampler

Drums: Linndrum / Simmons SDSV / Oberheim DMX

Pads: Roland Jupiter 8 / Juno 60 / Oberheim Xpander

Sequenced on the Roland MSQ700

Arpeggiations: JP8 externally driven via sequencer clock.

::: IF :::

In Line with the David Frank interview i posted last week.  Here’s Steve Roach’s setup from 1987…

OBERHEIM SYSTEM!!!! ( LOL 2 Xpanders!!!! )

and an E-Max…

and an SQ80…

Steve Roach Setup


borrowed from this flicker stream…