My name is Nicholas Zampiello.

I own and operate a  music recording studio in Cambridge MA and i make music there every day!

New Alliance East Mixing / Mastering

For years i have repaired and restored studio gear, musical instruments, synthesizers, and drum machines for fun.  But I am mostly obsessed with synthesis and electronic music, so I also built a synth studio in the building as a space for creative writing with friends!

New Alliance North

It’s a rare beast!  I use it to write and record music for several musical projects:

Party Bois

Party Bois Official Video

This blog is an extension of these musical related endeavors.  A place to dork out, post about synth repairs and technologies, art and music that i like, and art that i make!

Please ENJOY this resource!

You can contact me through this blog, the studio site, or facebook


Nick Z