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My friend Marc brought this in and over all it’s in beautiful shape physically.  But, it had  several problems that needed addressing before it can be released into the wild.

1, This Moog suffered from the terrible melting foam problem.

2, Several sliders were broken and non functional.  The issue with working on some of these old Moog synths is that some  of the sliders are in values that are Unobtanium.

I searched the web and asked all my synth part sources and no one had a stash for sale.  So i set out to make some!  But that is top secret lol!

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We get a lot of questions about this so i figured a blog post was in order.  When we master a record we work on the audio portion for Vinyl and Digital.  When we master-ers print a Physical CD master ( or create a DDP ( data image of a Master CD )) we put the titles in for artist, album, etc.  This is called CD-text and is part of the Red Book AudioCD format Only for Audio CDs, CD players, and DVD players.  This is totally separate from streaming services and i will break those options down next!

The internet has changed things substantially.

The easiest way to get your record into most major streaming and music sites is CD Baby.

Here is a good place to start reading and thinking about it.

When you sign up and add your record you give them all the info ( CD text, ID3 ) and they do the work of getting your files and info into all of the services.You will see why i suggest that each artist do this for themselves. ;-D

If you’re doing it individually you’re forced to do a lot more footwork.

If you are submitting your record to itunes or just putting your record into your itunes library:


import as WAV if you want to maintain CD quality

After you import the music you can input the CD-text / ‘id3’ info by using the ‘get info’ menu option.

You can select all songs at once…

When you are finished you go here to submit the titles for all itunes users

( this process is only for itunes and a company called Gracenote )


These are different, as every service is, But you are putting the same info in to all..

It can be time consuming.

So you either choose a few services and enter the data yourself or you choose an umbrella service that does the groundwork of getting your music into many different distribution services.

make sense?

Don’t worry it will change in a few months!