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2016 is Fun!

We built floor to ceiling keyboard stands with ten foot steel pipe!

upgraded to 30 inputs for any DAW.

It’s time to JAM!

Kits: Oberheim DMX / DX, Linndrum LM2, Roland TR 808

Bass: SCI Pro One, Arp 2600

Pads: Roland Jupiter 6E, , Oberheim Xpander, Roland Jupiter 8E



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I picked this up cheap and it’s pretty cool!  Back in the day companies sold chip sets for their drum machines to allow users to widen the sound palette if necessary.  I love the orange and yellow logo.

Reminds me of this!

First full jam in the new studio space!

Usual suspects:


BASS:  Arp 2600, SCI Pro One

SYNTHS: Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, OB-DPX sampler




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Many days I find that it’s the little things.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and as i was at the hardware store today i happened to remember this plan so i finally got it enacted.

The Oberheim DMX and DX have hinged lids for adjusting certain sound parameters,  In the case of the DX you can lift the lid to change eproms to achieve different drum kits and percussion.  In the case of the DMX you can change the pitch of each voice under the hood and also interchange voice cards as seen here to achieve different sounds with different sized eprom samples.  Every time i am under the hood on either of these i find myself wishing that the thumb screws used to secure the lids had gaskets to keep them from damaging the paint on the lid.

So i got some rubber washers at the hardware store to put in between the screws and lids to protect them better.

It’s the simple fixes!


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Well, another day another beat…

We’ve been joking about how awesome Morris Day is lately so i made one of that ilk for fun!



This one is the standard studio rig:

Bass: Arp 2600

Piano / Horns: Mirage ( DPX ) Sampler

Drums: Linndrum / Simmons SDSV / Oberheim DMX

Pads: Roland Jupiter 8 / Juno 60 / Oberheim Xpander

Sequenced on the Roland MSQ700

Arpeggiations: JP8 externally driven via sequencer clock.

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