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I bought these 2 Neve 33415 modules about 13 years ago.  They lived for those 13 years in a functional but DIY looking 2 space rack that was pretty ugly.  Finally the pre’s were due for some maintenance so I decided to beautify the case while updating the electronics.  The original switch was ganged so both gain blocks in the 33415 moved in 3dB steps on the same switch.  The new switches allow the gain blocks to be pushed separately to achieve different colorations.

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My friend Marc brought this in and over all it’s in beautiful shape physically.  But, it had  several problems that needed addressing before it can be released into the wild.

1, This Moog suffered from the terrible melting foam problem.

2, Several sliders were broken and non functional.  The issue with working on some of these old Moog synths is that some  of the sliders are in values that are Unobtanium.

I searched the web and asked all my synth part sources and no one had a stash for sale.  So i set out to make some!  But that is top secret lol!

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