Holy carp.  I Picked this up surplus and when i looked inside the build quality is fantastic!

The power supply is a whopper.

It’s got 72 inputs and no faders, no eq, and 3 auxes.

It’s got 8 busses in a surround configuration ( L, C, R, X, Y, Sr, Sl, S ) with no faders!  Just switching.

There’s also VCA automation that can control the final gain of each group.

Solo and Mute busses as well!


It looks to be early 1970’s Langevin or perhaps Altec by the face and faders.  It’s dirty in the pics but I’m sure it will polish up nicely!  There’s not much in there so i am betting it works!


I’ve been less tech and much more make music over the spring.  this is good.  but there’s more projects to come!

so don’t worry, i’ll fix a synth soon!


I put in more racks to make more gear ‘live':



We’ve been jamming a lot too!



::: IF :::

Just a reminder we will be at MMMaven studios today from 12-4 as part of TOGETHER FEST

We are bringing:

1 Simmons SDSV with MFB sequencer

1 Sequential Circuits pro One

1 Arp 2600

just enough to make some minimal wave jams!


::: IF :::