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A new Party Bois song is up in video!

None of us can get to heaven on our own, but we could get close riding on the wings of a certified pop jam. Not too long after Party Bois served notice of arrival over the late summer with “In Your Head,” Boston’s dance scene wrecking crew are back with another love-makin’, ass-shakin’, in-the-rain-serenadin’ track that might even top their debut.“Being In U,” which premiered yesterday via YouTube and is available for free download on the Party Bois Bandcamp, takes us back to our early teenaged days listening to WKTU on our walkmans. It’s one of the best freestyle jams of the past decade, reminding us of a better, simpler time of music when Exposé, Shannon, Taylor Dayne and others gave us the true pop songs to learn and sing.It might be the local Kool-Aid talking, but there’s even some NKTOB deep inside there.“This song is about the love that happens after the lights go out,” Party Bois’ Keith Pierce tells Vanyaland yesterday. Adds co-conspirator Johnny Northrup: “Camera… action… just kidding, what Keith said.”

Give in, get down, and check out Party Bois this Friday at Cuisine En Locale in Somerville, December 5 at Opus in Salem, and — holy mother of God — the Great Scott Holiday Party in Allston on December 15 with the Scrooges. That last one is what we like to call “The Real Christmas.” Details on the first two events in the links and the flyers after the video.


Alvan Long + JJ Gonson’s 111th Birthday Party

at Cuisine en Locale

156 Highland at Central, Somerville.

Friday, November 21

8:00 doors. $10 suggested donation.

All-ages.  Full bar.

Caskmouse • Party Bois •Rob Potylo•

Jarva Land • Earth Heart and guests

EMF Group Art Show

Recent works by……

Baker, Bennet, Boulanger, Coriander,

Graichen, Jarva, Long, Sawicki. Toscano. Villa.

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I picked this up cheap and it’s pretty cool!  Back in the day companies sold chip sets for their drum machines to allow users to widen the sound palette if necessary.  I love the orange and yellow logo.

Reminds me of this!