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It’s getting close!  At least now you can feel the size!



The ultimate review of the top acts in EDM ( written by an angry 34 year old ) = awesome:

Not everyone likes the term “EDM,” and many people don’t like the artists who are classified as “EDM.” That’s simply something we must all accept. We know how hard it can be to contain your anger when you see people hating on dance music. However, EDM bashing can occasionally be written in a way that’s entertaining to read. That’s the case with a recent semi-viral blog post titled “The Top Worst Acts In EDM As Decided By A 34 Year Old Man,” written by Walmer Convenience. The descriptions on the list are funny to read–even if you enjoy the producer he’s bashing. Mainly, because there’s some truth to each assertion. It’s refreshing to take a step back, laugh, and not take everything so seriously.

Below, we’ve included the full list, along with a short portion of Walmer’s reasons for disliking them. Before you scroll down, we’d like to warn you that there is a lot of inappropriate language ahead.


“What in the fuck is this shit? They dress like punk emos and then the music sounds like Serbian Euro Dance from 1997.”


“That track is like what they play in a Wallgreens [sic] in small town Oklahoma.”

Armin van Buuren

“His music sounds like it’s made for people who like Taylor Swift and think she’s edgy.”


“This seems like music for children. Like single digit age children that have not heard 100 million other fucking progressive house tracks before.”

Steve Aoki

“I actually find humour in the fact that at this very moment, there are probably multiple noobs in middle America arguing that he is the best DJ and producer. Somewhere there is a 14 year old boy posting on FB or Instagram or Tinder that Steve Aoki is his inspiration.”

Just to be clear, we don’t necessarily agree with all of the quotes above. For example, Armin is one of our favorite producers. However, Walmer did provide us with a good laugh. To read the full blog post, click here.

It was for charity so i fell it may be authentic.  Signed by all three rush!  Sold for 2326$.  That’s 10x what i paid for mine… BUT…

Rush’s Use of Synths:

More Rush Synth tech:

Simmons SDS1000 / Roland SRV330…

Speaking of Arthur Baker: