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It’s rare that i find a historical synth or drum machine that i haven’t heard of…

This is awesome!

“It was announced at NAMM in 1986 as the replacement for the Linn 9000. That machine had velocity-sensitive pads, but the Midistudio added sampling, and put the pads into the famous 4×4 grid. This machine was the demo model used by the sales team. Linn went bust in 1986, Midistudio was never manufactured. Roger went to design for Akai and created the MPC 60 in 1988.  This is a cool beast. the Linn Midistudio has the sliders from the Linn 9000, the colour from the MPC, and the modular remote idea . The cool removable control panel (a 100ft extension cable would have been available) didn’t re-surface until the Akai S6000 from 1998, by which time the hardware sampler was all but dead.”

          “The Linn MidiStudio is a new version of the original Linn 9000 digital drum machine & midi sequencer. All the 9000 features are retained including dynamic buttons, cue tempo, repeat, interchangeable sounds, 32 tracks per sequence and more. In addition, a 3.5″ DS/DD disk drive and sampling are standard equipment.

The MidiStudio has 16 dynamic pads, and sampling can be applied to one or all pads simultaneously. Sampling rate is adjustable from 10kHz to 50kHz for up to 30 seconds of sampling time. The new 5.X software used in the MidiStudio is also available to Linn 9000 owners.

Options will include full SMPTE syncing and 16 trigger inputs. The MidiStudio is two separate pieces, the main unit with volume, pan & drive. The control panel is detachable for console or lap operation. An optional 100 ft. cable is available.


Linn Midistudio Print Picture

Linn Midistudio Print Picture

Linn Midistudio ( Roger Linn's Personal Prototype )

Linn Midistudio ( Roger Linn’s Personal Prototype )


Linn Midistudio


Linn 9000

This is awesome.

This Recent Peter Vogel interview is fun too: