The guys gave me the go ahead to finish this beast off!

I cut the feeble grey power chord and put a properly grounded IEC socket on the back panel.

I hunted the rest of the dust bunnies and lubricated the faders one more time to make sure they are smooth and travel happily.

I checked out the bottom of the key bed again and tweaked a few key contacts that looked bent or twisted.

I put the felt switch gaskets where they are supposed to be:  someone had put them on the knob pots instead of the switches.

( the pic shows them in the wrong place! )



It’s a rare beast and really is beautiful.  Even with the crazy 90’s fender knobs!


Video Demo from Youtube:

This week i begin working on a Korg 770.  These are beautiful and built like tanks.  Seriously, I’ve never seen so many screws. Nor have i seen a faceplate BELOW the faceplate!  After removing 30000 screws i got closer to the innards.  For this round i wanted to focus on cleaning and lubricating the controls.  The band had mentioned that several keys were not responding well and the portamento controls were not behaving properly.



I suggested a few other improvements to the guys and i will try to complete this this week:

1, the grey power cable on these old Korg boxes is crap. i looked and there’s space to do an IEC socket like i’ve done ::: Korg MS-10 Power Upgrade :::

2, there was a mouse living in there at some point.  i removed a ton of bits from the inside but i would like to go in with a new can of spray air and hunt them all.

3, i did a first run lube of the sliders and pots.  if i go back in i would completely disassemble the whole chassis and get each one from both sides.

4, the knobs are funny but i didn’t put them back on because they are detent-ed inside and i would defer to you guys on how you orient them.  i would try to hunt some old Korg knobs to make it ‘right’

5, the wood sides should be treated or something to protect them,  the wood looks great on the inside.  the outside looks worn.

 ::: IF :::

a wrinkle in time brought me here!



A new Party Bois song is up in video!

None of us can get to heaven on our own, but we could get close riding on the wings of a certified pop jam. Not too long after Party Bois served notice of arrival over the late summer with “In Your Head,” Boston’s dance scene wrecking crew are back with another love-makin’, ass-shakin’, in-the-rain-serenadin’ track that might even top their debut.“Being In U,” which premiered yesterday via YouTube and is available for free download on the Party Bois Bandcamp, takes us back to our early teenaged days listening to WKTU on our walkmans. It’s one of the best freestyle jams of the past decade, reminding us of a better, simpler time of music when Exposé, Shannon, Taylor Dayne and others gave us the true pop songs to learn and sing.It might be the local Kool-Aid talking, but there’s even some NKTOB deep inside there.“This song is about the love that happens after the lights go out,” Party Bois’ Keith Pierce tells Vanyaland yesterday. Adds co-conspirator Johnny Northrup: “Camera… action… just kidding, what Keith said.”

Give in, get down, and check out Party Bois this Friday at Cuisine En Locale in Somerville, December 5 at Opus in Salem, and — holy mother of God — the Great Scott Holiday Party in Allston on December 15 with the Scrooges. That last one is what we like to call “The Real Christmas.” Details on the first two events in the links and the flyers after the video.