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Just a reminder we will be at MMMaven studios today from 12-4 as part of TOGETHER FEST

We are bringing:

1 Simmons SDSV with MFB sequencer

1 Sequential Circuits pro One

1 Arp 2600

just enough to make some minimal wave jams!


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Astronaut sprint


The usual suspects!

Linndrum, Simmons SDSV

Arp2600, SCI pro One

Roland Jupiter 6

Oberheim DPX-1

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My development is become arrested.  Space Lazr hath shaken my brain.  And the Korg wavz re Soooo Squayrwavy…..



This track consists of the Roland TR 909 from here and the Korg from here… Also, the Korg bloops in the breaks are triggering from a master clock.  the same clock is driving the TR 909 via R-sync and Simmons SDSV Via 96 Sequencer clock ( With MFB sequencer ) here… it’s awesome when everyone talks synth!


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