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From Vanyland Premier!

It’s been about nine months since we last got a new single from Party Bois. We don’t need to tell you this, but that’s how long it takes to make a baby.

A baby.

Today, the Boston-based dance party machine return with twins — two new purely romantical jams, just in time for their show Friday night at Bearstronaut’s record release throwdown at the Sinclair in Cambridge.

The a-side, “True Confessional” is their very own “La Isla Bonita” — a tropical synth-pop shake and bake that tattoos its “Wha oh oh ohhh!” refrain on the inside of your lips. The flip, the more mechanical “Hit The Coast” is what happens when you make out too much in the back of your JEEP after a weekday at Revere Beach. If they ever made a sequel to Top Gun, this will soundtrack the long-anticipated beach volleyball rematch.

“It’s all about summer romance,” Party Bois frontman J-Boi tells us. “That was the theme. ‘True Confessional’ is the starry night song; ‘Coast’ is the sunny beach song.”

Lather up.





I had a Simmons SDSV in storage in the underground garage of our apartment building.  It’s exactly like the other one I have written about here before.  It had the Kick, Snare, Tom, Tom, Tom cards and an MFB sequencer that i installed in the last two slots.  One day I went to the basement garage to retrieve it to loan to a friend for a recording project and got a surprise.  Much to my dismay, the cement ceiling of the garage had a leak and it happened to run along that ceiling to directly above the box i had stored the Simmons in.  I didn’t even worry at first after the initial shock because i had wrapped the boxed gear in plastic for storage.

This is where things got ugly…

Apparently the water had saturated the top of the box and began to run into the large wrapped bag protecting the gear.  I really couldn’t believe it, the entire bag was FULL OF WATER.

Not just crappy rain water either.  I was mineral rich leeched water from the cement Which had solidified again and formed a crusty hard calcium like layer all over and inside of the Simmons.  After the shock, anger, depression, and acceptance of this catastrophe i decided with resolve that i had to save this instrument.  I felt like it was my duty to do so.  It took a long time to accomplish and a subsequently longer time to be able to get my thoughts together into a post on the subject.

So it begins.  Part One: The Damage Done


::: IF :::

I had fun making this one.  I’ve been experimenting with generating arpeggios from an analog gate signal and routing it via midi to various instruments.  I often do this for synth arpeggios but it’s fun to map it to the mirage sampler as well.



The usual suspects:

Arp 2600

Linndrum LM2

Simmons SDS V

Roland Jupiter 6 Europa

Oberheim DPX 1 ( mirage )

::: IF :::

Well, another day another beat…

We’ve been joking about how awesome Morris Day is lately so i made one of that ilk for fun!



This one is the standard studio rig:

Bass: Arp 2600

Piano / Horns: Mirage ( DPX ) Sampler

Drums: Linndrum / Simmons SDSV / Oberheim DMX

Pads: Roland Jupiter 8 / Juno 60 / Oberheim Xpander

Sequenced on the Roland MSQ700

Arpeggiations: JP8 externally driven via sequencer clock.

::: IF :::

This is a rare software related post.  Here’s two bounces of the same exact song.  These are the same exact everything audio wise.  The same exact ( minimal ) plugins, the same volumes, and mix positions.  The only digital difference is one was exported via the ‘bounce to disk’ feature in Pro Tools 9.  the other was bussed to another track within Pro Tools and then exported via the ‘export audio file’ feature.

All i can say is WOW!  The two files should sound identical but they do not in any way.

The bounce to disk file sounds trashed in comparison.  Mono, Muddled and Fudge-y.  Not crystal clear like the other one.

Here you go:


Internal Bounce:


Bounce To Disk:



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