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So this thing sounds amazeballz.  easy kicks the Juno 106’s butt.  It sounds DISCRETE is a way that few cheaper poly synths do.


I still have a few issues with this one as the scaling drifts a little for some reason.  not the basic OSC tuning just the scaling and pitch range.

It’s a weird design and i haven’t really decoded it yet without the service manual.

Borrowed from Synthmuseum:


“The Italian musical instrument industry is based, like a more famous Italian organization, very much on family lines. The founder, and namesake, of Crumar was Mario Crucianelli, and Piero Crucianelli [Mario’s brother] was the president of Elka until it was sold to GEM.” Crumar started out manufacturing electric pianos and string synthesizers, combining the two in 1977 with the Multiman. Crumar started working on polyphonic synths toward the end of the ’70’s, producing the Stratus and the Trilogy. In 1983, they started producing synthesizers under the name of Bit, which were marketed in the US under the name Unique.

In the early ’80’s, Crumar “formed a design/distribution collaborative with the New York-based Music Technology. Crumar and the MT designers worked in conjunction with some respected names in electronic music to produce the GDS (General Development System)and the Synergy. These leviathans, which used additive synthesis technology and phase modulation, were bulky and cumbersome, but they were state-of-the-art in 1981.”

“Crumar ceased trading in 1987, just as they were about to launch a high-quality sampler at the lower end of the market.”

[excerpted with permission from the book Vintage Synthesizers by Mark Vail, copyright Miller Freeman, Inc]


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Not my video, but i love the idea!


I might have to do this mod myself, FOR FUN!

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So, there’s a lot of confusion around what classic Rolands sound like other Rolands.  And on keeping with my previous post on The History of Roland I figured i would put a concise thread together.

First there is a master chart:


There’s also a short cheat sheet jpeg for the big boys of Roland fame borrowed from here::


So, in my experience the Jupiter 6 and MKS 80 are very similar in sound ( i’ve used an MKS80 rev 4 ).  not particularly ‘deep’ but capable and very useful.

But the Jupiter 8 sounds DEEP.  Like DISCRETE transistor DEEP.  It’s beautiful sounding no matter how ugly a sound you make.

This is something the Juno 60 can do too in it’s own way. Tight Big Clear Fast.  But it’s oscillators aren’t as big feeling and they are DCO so they don’t drift in any real musical way.

The JX 8P / MKS 70 / JX 10 are in a separate category all together.  They are a bit grungier in sound and vibe and you sometimes have to work harder to get them to sing but it is in there.  It’s just not obvious at first or easy to squeak out.

The Juno family is split into two groups.  The Juno 6 and 60 are almost identical.  The Juno 106 / Alpha / and MKS 50 are thinner and less deep than the jupiter 6 and 8.  The Juno 106 kicks ass above the others in this class though because it has all the tactile control and good MIDI implementation ( MKS70/MKS80 have decent implementation, the Jupiter 6 has barely any and the Jupiter 8 had none! )

So, you pick your battles with old hardware i guess.  I happen to love the JP6 Europa because it’s more MIDI slick than a Juno 106 and sounds way better.  Plus you can do great interfacing with it!  For instance, you can trigger the arpeggiator from an external analog source and the Europa JP6 will transmit the arpeggios created via MIDI.  this is really fun for creating bass lines and other bouncy 80’s bits on multiple instruments rhythmically generated from an 808 for instance…

food for thought…

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There’s a blog i love called internetkhole.

They mostly post family photos from the 80’s a la FFFound but with the added twist of generally focussing on music, partying, and all things earnest about cloths, cars, style in the 80’s.

Imma post a few of my faves here because i just dug through a few pages and there was some good old synth band shots :


Happy Summer!