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I’ve never heard this ’til now.  I am a fan of the Temporary Secretary era McCartney  tom foolery because it’s really fun in the context of experimentation.  I also love Neil Young’s Trans record for this very reason.  Any time an artist takes a chance it’s worth a listen!

Apparently Apple records had an experimental avant guard wing called Zapple.  This imprint had two releases.  John and Yoko’s Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions and George Harrison’s Electronic Sound.

Here’s George’s avant record on youtube if you want to listen:



It fits in with the experimental vibes of Synergy, Larry Fast, Brian Eno, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and Many other old school synth fun albums that i like quite a lot!  Plus it was 100% Moog Modular!

There’s some controversy surrounding it as well.  It seems that Bernie Krause,  of The Monkeys fame,  actually piloted the Moog and showed George how it worked which George secretly recorded and used as part of the LP…



The Monkeys: Star Collector


Nonesuch Records

Neil Young : Trans

U2 Brian Eno : Passengers

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just spreading this around because it’s a fascinating view into ye olde yellowed film and synthesizers!



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Golf on the moon, LOL…


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One dollar record of the day of the day!

So there’s a few actual record stores left here in town that i try to go dig for vinyl in with some frequency.  I love them because they have GIANT piles of records for cheap.  I can often get as many records as i can fit in my bag for 1$ each!  Awesome.

So on my last dig i came across a rare gem from synthesizer history.  It’s a record by SynergyLarry Fast ) called Cords.  Larry Fast worked with Peter Gabriel on his first album ( Peter Gabriel ST ) and up until 1986.  Kate Bush on Never For Ever, and even Carl Sagan‘s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage!

Whats fun about this album is it bridges the gap between the lush visual soundscapes i enjoy from Vangelis and the focused stand alone strength of discreet compositions.  It’s hard to believe while listening to this record that it was done on an 8 track in a side room of a house!

As to the synthesizer list, it’s long and sweet.  There’s a Moog modular, Moog Polymoog ( one of the 6 prototypes built ), Paia kits, Oberheim DS-2 sequencer, Micromoog, etc.  I’ve never used a DS-2 sequencer but it looks like a similar idea to the old Roland MC4/MC8 idea where you step in an composition ( two tracks in this case ) and you can play one or the other back to an external clock…

One last thing, the credit of  “Finally guitars…Sort of” on the back cover is funny.  Apparently the first two Synergy records said something to the effect of ” No guitars were used in the making of this album. ”  It was a response to bands like Boston ( halfway down right above the credits ) and Queen ( halfway into first paragraph ) attacking the use of synthesizers in rock music that was becoming more prevalent in the mid to late 70’s


Here’s one of my personal stand out tracks from Cords.  Be patient and be psyched when it starts kicking ( It’s not my youtube video ):



There’s a ton of info on the Synergy site Here.  It’s days worth of digging and i’ve already listened through both sides of this vinyl twice writing this post.  I am also a fan of the JH series tape machines.  They are/were total workhorses.  Tougher sounding than the Otari MTR machines and less cold than the Studer 80 series machines.  A little more rock over all.  At 15 ips they could be pretty noisy but at 30 they performed pretty well on delicate recordings.

So awesome for 1978.

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It’s a tech kinda week.  We have a few communal instruments that we have bought as a band over the years.  This is one that has been all over the place.  It’s seen many US shows, East and West Coast, and even to the UK ( TWICE! ).  You should have seen the insanely ugly power adapter from European to US power duct taped to the awful moog wall wart.  We probably went through 3 of those crap power supplies over the years as they always get munched on stage.  I guess thats why everyone eventually does the internal power supply mod for the Moog Rogue.

Here’s the breakdown:

1, This mod adds a standard IEC jack so that you can just PLUG IT IN!

2, We are adding a 120VAC to 24VAC transformer ( BONUS: the DC rectifiers and other power supply elements are actually in the Rogue already )

3, We are adding a fuse to protect the peeps and the circuit as there will now be 120VAC in the box ( i settled on a 200ma slow blow or mdl fuse ).

4, The transformer is wired to the place on the board where the power input jack was so you can still turn it on and off.


All Photos by J-Poo!


Here’s a little background and some other resources i referenced while doing this mod:


Moog Rogue – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This site posted a wealth of info in the mod:

Moog Rogue Power Supply

And once that is done this is an interesting resource for getting your Rogue up to speed again:

Moog Rogue Trim Pots


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