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From Vanyland Premier!

It’s been about nine months since we last got a new single from Party Bois. We don’t need to tell you this, but that’s how long it takes to make a baby.

A baby.

Today, the Boston-based dance party machine return with twins — two new purely romantical jams, just in time for their show Friday night at Bearstronaut’s record release throwdown at the Sinclair in Cambridge.

The a-side, “True Confessional” is their very own “La Isla Bonita” — a tropical synth-pop shake and bake that tattoos its “Wha oh oh ohhh!” refrain on the inside of your lips. The flip, the more mechanical “Hit The Coast” is what happens when you make out too much in the back of your JEEP after a weekday at Revere Beach. If they ever made a sequel to Top Gun, this will soundtrack the long-anticipated beach volleyball rematch.

“It’s all about summer romance,” Party Bois frontman J-Boi tells us. “That was the theme. ‘True Confessional’ is the starry night song; ‘Coast’ is the sunny beach song.”

Lather up.





NAN ABEIt’s been a long time coming and the time is night!

New Alliance North is Officially available for rental as an authentic creative space for making electronic music.  What makes New Alliance North special is a focus on real time music creation.  It’s a place to bring your laptop and record in a way that is free from the DAW that lurks within the screen.

All machines in the studio are synced via a master tempo clock in the analog domain with a Roland XBS 80.

This box allows all devices to be in sync and play in real time together.  Even better is that you can stop and play and device independently of the others!  Want the TR808 to be one half measure late to create a new rhythm?  Hit play whenever you want!

Another great performance device is Garfield Electronics Mini-doc.  There’s a few of these wired up for mapping arpeggiator clock to any synth that can see it!

Drum Machines: For drum programming we offer all variants of technology and heritage.

Roland TR 808

Roland TR 909

Lindrum LM2

Oberheim DX / DMX

Simmons SDS V drum synthesizer

Bass Synths: we have a station set up that can be played via keyboard, or sequenced via gate patterns from an MFB SEQ-01 :

Sequential Circuits Pro 1 (Midi)

Arp 2600

Poly Synths. The list poly synth flavors is pretty vast but the basic hitters are:

Roland Jupiter 6 Europa

Roland Jupiter 8 Encore MIDI

Yamaha TX-816

Sequential Circuits Multitrak

Oberheim OB-8 / DSX sequencer

Oberheim Xpander

Roland Juno 60 MIDIPOLIS

SCI Max, Roland JX8P, Yamaha TX81z, Roland MKS80, Roland MKS70, Roland Juno 106, Realistic MG-1, Crumar Bit 01, Korg MS-10, Korg MS20, Roland TR-707, Roland TR-747…

Samplers. Kurzweil K2000S, Ensoniq Mirage sampler, Emu Emax II,  Oberheim DPX-1 sample player ( tons of Eii, Ensoniq, and other sound disks ).

There’s more available upon request!

Recording Hardware. For recording we currently have 18 I/O via firewire 44k-96k compatible!  This will soon to be expanded 32 channels via thunderbolt.

It’s set up to “plug in your laptop and ROCK!”

Questions can be directed to me:

newallianceeast (at)

New Alliance East Mixing / Mastering

New Alliance East on facebook


It has been a productive week!



Often when i clean my house i put on a record to add some groove to the mundane.  Several of the Big Audio Dynamite records are in heavy rotation.  They are infectious, fun, uplifted, and groovy!

New space!  Usual suspects!



Video for fun!


So, i never knew that Bruce Haack was on Mr Rogers way back when…



There’s a few great clips on the wiki page too:

‘Haack was also invited by Aboriginal peoples in Canada to participate in their pow-wows, experimenting with Peyote, which influenced his music for years to come.’

‘New York City’s Juilliard School offered Haack the opportunity to study with composer Vincent Persichetti; thanks to a scholarship from the Canadian government, he headed to New York upon graduating from Edmonton in 1954. At Juilliard.’

‘Haack rejected restrictions of any kind, often writing several different kinds of music at one time. He spent the rest of the 1950s scoring dance and theater productions, as well as writing pop songs for record labels like Dot Records and Coral Records. Haack’s early scores, like 1955’s Les Etapes, suggested the futuristic themes and experimental techniques Haack developed in his later works.[citation needed] Originally commissioned for a Belgian ballet, Les Etapes mixed tape samples, electronics, soprano, and violin; the following year, he finished a musique concrète piece called “Lullaby for a Cat.” ‘

PS: I love this track:



If you are still reading this you might check out a live performance using 12 chromatically tuned young women on a show called ‘I’ve Got a Secret’



it’s Squelchy but still pretty fun.

Special thanks to Icey Mike for the inspiration.


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