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Sleepless weeks are often productive weeks!

I tried something different this time.  I only have 18 inputs on my DAW so i often have to overdub percussion and synths afterwards which can be good and bad.  So this time i used the first recording round of 18 inputs for only drums!




Kick, Snare, Toms,  Shaker, Hat, Congas, Crash, Tamb


Sub Kick 1-2-3, Splat Snare

TR 808:

Small Kick, Clap, Rim shot, Cowbell

Arp 2600 / Pro 1: Bass

DPX 1: Piano, Slap Bass

JP6 / JP8 SCI Maxx:  bleeps and Bloops



I am referring to the Roland MC8 of course~!

This is a tech post, i wanted to ping an interview with the man who invented modern sequencing….

Quite an accolade i know, but some amazing stuff was done with his basic idea by Roland ( Giorgio Moroder ) at first and then Oberheim ( David Frank ) and others which eventually led us to home computers with sequencers like Pro 5, Vision, Cubase, Reason, Live, etc, etc…

Interview quoted from:


interview with ralph dyck

There are many old software sequencers too for people that are into old computers.  Luckily deceased software eventually becomes open and public domain.

M was a cool composition tool from the early days that is still updated and lives here:

Some old software archives and reading can be found here:

and here:

Be sure you find an ancient computer first!

I have an old Mirror G4 running OS9 with Alchemy (the best sample SMDI editor for old samplers ), Pro Tools 5 Beta (32 tracks ), Opcode StudioVision Pro ( midi sequencer with 8 channels of audio via protools hardware ), and Galaxy Plus Editor with tons of patches…


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I was looking t that PPG wave in the first System Video for You Are In My System and it hit me.  David Frank is the original Agent Smith!



So much Ice, So little time!


XBS loves getting new Vinyl.  Especially if its really old and was never played!  We just scored an original Mirage Records copy of It’s Passion by The System  for one dollar and it RULES!  This reminded me that there have been no XBS posts on The System yet.  It’s a travesty!!  XBS will do more we promise!  XBS will post that performance from MIAMI VICE at some point as well…

XBS owes a lot of art time inspiration to this band.  More than making some fun jams back in the day, they also inspired our love of Oberheim and the pre midi sequencing capabilities of  ‘The System’.

So, The DSX is the sequencer and it can control a DX or DMX drum machine and one Oberheim poly at the same time.  It can do 10 tracks of polyphonic ( 16 voices ) to an OB X, Xa, SX, or 8  via ‘computer interface’ and 8 CV / Gates on the back panel for mono synths simultaneously ( US scaling and polarity ( invertible! )).  It could record up to 6000 notes, record patch and controller type changes on a dedicated data track, and do real time transposition and track track muting!

So much fun!

Our OB-8 has midi so the DSX can actually control anything in the studio!  We upgraded the brains with some help from, you guessed it, Paul at Electron Gate!



We’ve been saving that dry hump macintosh gif for ever, now it has a raison d’etre…

Here’s an awesome jam from the first System record. Note they have a PPG in the video for no reason i can guess other than they are dancing in space!!!:

David Frank  is a Special and Visionary dude.  Thanks dude!

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This has been in HEAVY rotation for a while at the XBS studio and it has rubbed off on some of our peeps…


Album version:


Extended version: