I finally got patch bays for the synth room that don’t absolutely frustrate!  I have been looking for some direct through patch point bays with absolutely no normals and it’s been hard to find.  The usual designs have a jack card that you can reverse to get different normal schemes but i find that they always misbehave by grounding the signal or crossing it to the wrong output!  The ProCo model that i got has a switch position for NO CONNECTION between the top and bottom jacks.




usual suspects:

Drums:  Oberheim DX Stretch, Linndrum LM2, Roland TR 808, Simmons SDS-V ( SDS-6 Sequencer )

Bass:  Sequential Circuits Pro 1, Arp 2600

Sampler:  Oberheim DPX-1, Ensoniq Mirage

Poly:  Roland JP-6 Europa,  Roland MKS-80 ( MSQ 700 Sequencer )

Mono: Korg MS10