I had this idea a while ago but today was the day to build!  The studio has had a pair of WE111C transformers in the patch bay for 10+ years.  These are beautiful vintage transformers from the 1940’s and they have a nice tone for musical purposes.  They are big and ‘classic’ sounding but tend to work better with slower musical styles.  I wanted more options for transformers in the patch bay and i came upon this idea:  What if i had a box with three sets of transformers on one switch so i could choose flavors on the fly?!

I love recycling parts and tracked down some transformers.  I also tracked down an old 9 pin switching box which appeared to be made for this job!

I left the transformers on 9 pin connectors so i could swap them with others in the future.  I also though about putting coil tap switches on the front and maybe a pair of octal sockets for other vintage transformer choices.

The main switch has three positions:  Bigger, Smaller, Different.

The big transformers are Jensen 123 BL series console line output transformers ( pretty big but not nearly the size of the WE111C ).  The next set is a normal sized set of Jensen Line transformers, and the third set will probably be some Opamp Labs T25’s or Altec etc vintage octals…