Divergences & Contradictions of Electronic Music



“My name is Eduardo De La Calle, and I have been making music and DJing for around 15 years, playing in many cities around Europe. About two years ago, I started two labels, including Analog Solutions, a vinyl only electronic music label.

I am now developing a new Project: a documentary on electronic music called BEATZ.  The idea of the documentary came to me while travelling during one of my shows in Berlin. I realized that I had been in electronic music for so many years but I still had unanswered question and lot of preoccupations about the industry I was moving in.

This led me to buy a camera and with the help of a few friends, try to interview as many people as I Could, whenever I could. Camera on hand, I decided to find out more and get some answers from Paris to Berlin, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Tokyo to London and all the way to the island of Ibiza.

There was no money, no budget and I used the opportunity of each of my travels to DJ to meet as many people involved in this industry, behind the scenes finding out about the divergences and contradictions of electronic music nowadays.

My preoccupations and doubts have resulted in more than 150 people being interviewed and compiled in an audiovisual experience.

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CARL COX                                                         PACO OSUNA


With this documentary I intend to give to the public a general overview of electronic music through the interviews of the different actors shaping the scene. From artists, distributors, shops, labels, bookers, and club and festival promoters: all the people who make this industry exist.

I hope to take viewer on a journey about electronic and techno music, from its humble beginnings to its actual state, where it is much accepted and fully part of our society. The documentary intends to tackle questions such as its impact on society, the influence of technology, the image conveyed by the DJs and the industry etc… all of this through the contributions of the people interviewed.

The documentary has been written with the help of Daniel Arasanz, writer, director and producer of “Venid a las cloacas: La historia de la Banda Trapera del Rio” which won two prizes at the Inedit Film Festival in Barcelona. (http://tllg.net/2cjh)”