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wolle70 demonstrated against the throwaway society


The other day I wrote an acquaintance from the realm of nerds Simmons (yes, there are several of the variety), he finally got a SDSV and asked if I could give him a few tips on how you cleaned up the pads again. I offered him he could send me “for inspection”. What was revealed as bordering on biological warfare agent. Since I do not have the heart to bring a disposal recommend, let alone carry these out themselves, I decided to send him my 4 pads and to bring his 30-year old asphyctic Zombie pads back to life. Photographically documented at Pad # 1 Originally times white. The rest tell the pictures and comments outside saw the pads out not sooo bad. They did not work stop and had paint damage on the inside (for info: The bowls are made ​​of clear acrylic and painted from inside) only with breathing apparatus to open piezos after 30 years in Teufelsmoor Parts and antidotes color removal with PCB cleaner (turpentine or thinner grip the acrylic glass to) one could in an emergency even as birdbath or salad bowl take treatment with mold ex … … and subsequent drying, and later again with the belt sander over it , the polished aluminum rim Stainless steel screws: In the next 30 years test coating on an acrylic glass plate . Polyurethane coatings also attack the acrylic and are therefore unsuitable. I finally found it in the craft store acrylic water based paint I was a piezo , the finished dish my brother Mr. Perfect: What are for me (E) drums for it tools. And he can use it as a trained mechanic and mechanical engineer anyway all the support before vs. afterwards cut new playing surfaces. Today, even in black rubber seals from the OBI installation department. Better than the original rubber bushings. Here, of course, new stainless steel screws , the bracket is back on (largely again hopefully aseptic) board mounted the 35mm piezo by user Biervampir: soldered to the new XLR connector The dish is on the board screwed not only the pad was born in 1983, in 007 Octopussy the PVC plate is glued. Jungfreulicher shine under the protective foil Rim Screw – done and move in the right lightBeta Testing honest: The time has in store certainly not looked better The whole story has been pulled over 3 weeks. And that was only one pad of 4 But now I’m also to experience rich and have a piece of pop culture saved to raise awareness.

Thank you very! Addendum: Also this forgotten early work (Musicaid SDSV drum synthesizer from 1981, total circulation time 80 pieces) has found yesterday after 3 years in my possession with the new skin a worthy project completion. has gone before course of the project 

so saw it 3 years ago 

For devices in racks were installed today often lack the chassis plates. In the early devices such as this, the pasted with synthetic leather simple 0.5 mm sheets were. The later ones had cost reasons only painted surfaces. Here the best suitable amplifiers fabric made ​​of plastic with embossed leather.

village The local locksmith cut and folded stainless steel sheet 2. The leatherette skin is then all glued on. 

The finished cover 

with an old soldering iron are melted the holes for diie screws through the plastic. Next time I’ll do it outside or at least with the window open 

and how it looks like in finished out. Floor and the cover plate to be screwed to the inner housing. In the state worth a small fortune (if you want to part of it at all) 

rear view 

compared with an original 

with stainless steel case and blue buttons but also what it had:-D