Today i started working on a Moog Liberation.  These are very cool.  Kind of a Moog Prodigy, Kind of a Realistic MG-1, Kind of just AWSOME.

This one has aa few very common issues.

1, There’s several sliders that are damaged.

2, The inevitable Moog melty foam inside the control panel.

3, The controller cable is missing.

First off i took the control panel area apart to assess the damage within.  The sliders are easy to damage as they are not attached to the front panel.  They can often be put back together but they will usually not have a smooth glide afterwards as the little plastic tabs or feet that serve as runners on the bottom break off.

The foam can be removed with isopropyl alcohol and just takes patience.  Several treatments are often required to melt it all away.

The controller cable is a standard cannon type connector with 6 pins.  2 are for 15volt power, one is audio, one is CV, one is S trig, and one is ground.

I’m considering painting the body purple…

best color ever!