I love me some Eproms.  Especially ones that fit into old Drum Machines.  Digidesign ( of Pro Tools Fame ) got it’s start making alternate chip sets for drum machines in the 1980’s.  Want a new set of sounds>?  You can buy some chips and pop them in!

But if you are REALLY cool you get an eprom blower and make your own sounds.  The Simmons EPB ( Eprom Blower )  allowed you to sample and edit your own sounds and then blow them onto a chip to put into an SDS-1, SDS-7, or SDS-9.  The drawback being that it could only make eproms for Simmons machines. Oberheim made one as well called the Oberheim Prommer that was more universal and could even read one manufacturer’s eprom and translate it to another for use in a different drum machine!


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