I am referring to the Roland MC8 of course~!

This is a tech post, i wanted to ping an interview with the man who invented modern sequencing….

Quite an accolade i know, but some amazing stuff was done with his basic idea by Roland ( Giorgio Moroder ) at first and then Oberheim ( David Frank ) and others which eventually led us to home computers with sequencers like Pro 5, Vision, Cubase, Reason, Live, etc, etc…

Interview quoted from:


interview with ralph dyck

There are many old software sequencers too for people that are into old computers.  Luckily deceased software eventually becomes open and public domain.

M was a cool composition tool from the early days that is still updated and lives here:

Some old software archives and reading can be found here:

and here:

Be sure you find an ancient computer first!

I have an old Mirror G4 running OS9 with Alchemy (the best sample SMDI editor for old samplers ), Pro Tools 5 Beta (32 tracks ), Opcode StudioVision Pro ( midi sequencer with 8 channels of audio via protools hardware ), and Galaxy Plus Editor with tons of patches…


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