The Final Chapter.  it’s a good feeling because it worked out much better than i could have imagined.

Part 1

Part 2

The cards look good!  I replaced most of the hardware that held the face plates onto the sound modules.  Luckily the faceplates are aluminum so they didn’t corrode.  I was also able to get all of the sediment out of the internal miniature pots and the larger front panel pots.  The wafer pot at the pack of each module adjusts the pan of each instrument.  This is a cool feature.  The back of the SDS V has an individual instrument outs , a master mono out, and a stereo out.  Each card can be panned within the Left / Right stereo field for in studio or live stereo use.  Very useful for toms and percussion cards.  Or if you want to set up sub mixes on three outputs for live use!

The chassis looks much better and is sealed with enamel so it won’t corrode in the future.  The rivets were all replaced so repairs can be  made as well.  It looks pretty good!


Now it’s off to my friend Rob’s house to make some music!

::: IF :::