I’ve had this J-60 for almost 20 years.  It sounds crazy i know.  I got it in a trade back when these were practically free. It was an “i’ll throw in this old keyboard” type of deal.

So it’s always been happy except for 3 or 4 sliders that were dry and got damaged by someone forcing them to move.  It doesn’t look like anything was even spilled in there!  I located some replacements but upon further inspection i found i could refurbish most of the original ones.  This required desoldering them from the main board and disassembling them by un-pinching the tabs on the metal housing to get at the innards.  i then  flattened out the bent metal runners that had been mangled over the years.  After cleaning the parts and adding some new grease i reassembled them for reinstallation.

Here’s some pics of the process…

Photos courtesy of J-poo